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Stevensville was designated as a Maryland State Arts & Entertainment District on July 1st, 2013

Stevensville has been home to artists for more than 20 years. The A&E district is home to a dynamic community of artists who are also members of “ART EAST”, Chesapeake Art League, the Queen Anne’s County Arts Council, and the Kent Island Federation of Arts (KIFA). In partnership with these organizations, the district partakes in seasonal festivals, group shows, studio classes, travel shows, lectures, music evenings, workshops, paint-outs, and opportunities to exhibit art in galleries and businesses.


Stevensville was designated as a Maryland State Arts & Entertainment District on July 1st, 2013, after a substantial application process spanning several years. Stevensville became one of 22 State Designated Arts and Entertainment Districts in Maryland. Designation and oversight of the Arts & Entertainment Districts is controlled and managed by the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) and the designation comes with specific tax and funding benefits. 


Program Mission: 


The mission of the Stevensville Arts & Entertainment District is to enhance the quality of life and achieve economic growth by creating, expanding, and enhancing opportunities for the arts and arts-related businesses within the designated district. The program serves local commerce and culture by marketing and promoting the designated area.


Strategic Goals: 


  1. Be a catalyst for economic and community development within the district, encouraging small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative-based businesses to take root and succeed. 


  1. Build strong relationships with key stakeholders and businesses in and outside the district. We communicate and partner with them to show relevant presence and create recognition of the district and what it does. 


  1. Strive to create a destination that will draw and engage visitors to the district through events and activities. Supporting the physical improvement of the district, improving the streetscape, and increasing the area's attractiveness will also draw in visitors.


At the core of all of these goals are the arts and artists. We showcase a diversity of art in various areas of the district. We build partnerships with artists from all of Maryland.




Dedicated volunteers manage Stevensville Arts & Entertainment District in partnership with Queen Anne's County Office of Economic & Tourism Development. Our board consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary and several general board members consisting of residents, artists, partner organizations and business owners in the district representing various stakeholders and key perspectives or talent important to the management and implementation of the program. The Queen Anne’s County Economic & Tourism Development office is the designated “management entity” for the designation which supports, facilitates, and helps shepherd the management of the program. The QAC Economic & Tourism Development office is also tasked with supporting the program with dedicated staff time of approximately 10 hours per week. 

Join us in our mission.

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