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About Stevensville, Maryland

Stevensville is a small- unincorporated community on KentIsland in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland with a population of approximately 5,880, located at the intersection of Main Street, MD 18, and Love Point Road, MD 835. Old Stevensville is on the National Register of Historic Places. Historic Stevensville sits on land once called Stevens Adventure, a 1694 land grant to Francis Stevens. The town developed after the 1850 sale of two farms and was planned around a central triangle with all streets radiating from the triangle. An 1877 tax map shows the town had grown to nearly 30 structures. Stevensville’s development benefited from the steamboat based trade system, which linked the eastern and western shores in the mid- 19th century. The railroad came to Stevensville in 1902, and by 1909 the town had two schools, four doctors, a blacksmith, and sawmill. The end of passenger rail service in 1938 and freight service in 1948 halted the growth of the town. Development in Stevensville halted during the Great Depression and was later affected by the bridge construction after World War II. As a result, the town center of Stevensville was bypassed by a new highway, Rt. 50, and saved from demolition. Today, Stevensville is a community that retains much of its charming appearance and reflects its development as a rural crossroads town from its founding in 1850 up to the Great Depression. 

For more information about Historic Stevensville as well as the history of Queen Anne's County please visit...  or

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