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The Historic Stevensville Arts and Entertainment District (“HSAE”) is seeking a qualified and  experienced fundraising event planner (“Event Planner”) to manage the execution of HSAE’s  Signature events, in attachment A (“Events”), to be held in Stevensville within the boundaries of  the HSAE district on dates listed upon request.  

The Event Planner’s services include, but not limited to event concept improvement or  development, planning, assistance with sponsorship, event production, and overall event  management coordination, including day-of-event coordination, budget management,  programming, and implementation. For more detailed information, see SECTION IV. SCOPE OF WORK of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) below.  


HSAE is a Maryland State Arts Council designated Arts & Entertainment District who's goal is to  enhance the quality of life and achieve economic growth by creating, expanding, and enhancing  opportunities for the arts and arts-related businesses and community within the designated district. 

Dedicated volunteers manage Stevensville Arts & Entertainment District in partnership with  Queen Anne's County Office of Economic & Tourism Development. Our board consists of a  Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary and several general board members consisting of  residents, artists, partner organizations and business owners in the district representing various  stakeholders and key perspectives or talent important to the management and implementation of  the program. The Queen Anne’s County Economic & Tourism Development office is the  designated “management entity” for the designation which supports, facilitates, and helps  shepherd the management of the program. The QAC Economic & Tourism Development office is  also tasked with supporting the program with dedicated staff time of approximately 10 hours per  week.  


The HSAE Signature and first Saturday events support the districts goals of increasing awareness,  visitation and participation to the area. The events highlight the arts and artists in conjunction with  small unique businesses and history, while inviting and involving local and visiting communities. Full event details attached. 



The Event Planner will be expected to provide all services necessary and appropriate to manage  and execute HSAE's signature events, including but not limited to the services (“Services”)  detailed herein.  

The Services outlined herein is not intended to be exhaustive. The selected Event Planner will  be expected to be, among other needed skills: organized; detailed oriented; flexible; an  effective verbal and written communicator; calm under pressure; and a negotiator in the best  interest of the HSAE and Queen Anne County.  


  • Establish regular ongoing communication and provide agendas with HSAE and work closely with HSAE to determine overall schedule, planning and details of  signature events, including the layout and flow and use of public and private  spaces, and to ensure effective communications and a collaborative and  cooperative process; 

  • Draft, manage, and finalize the signature events' project plans, budgets,  timelines, deployment schedule and oversee execution of all related tasks

  • Identify potential challenges and recommend solutions; 

  • Serve as liaison with vendors, venues, sponsors, and other stakeholders. 

  • Ensure events comply with applicable laws and regulations; 

  • Ensure all authorized agents and/or staff of Event Planner are qualified to perform services in accordance with best industry standards (Event Planner will not subcontract any tasks to third parties without HSAE's prior written consent); and 

  • Exercise duty of loyalty and good faith in favor of HSAE when negotiating with third parties (Event Planner will present all contracts to HSAE for HSAE's final approval). 


  • Develop and update a detailed project plan for HSAE with estimated delivery dates and agreed upon budget, which details anticipated tasks and required expenses;

  • Maintain a budget spreadsheet of vendor costs related to HSAE Signature events; 

  • Secure the best possible pricing for all expenditures relating to HSAE  Signature events, providing documentation (unless waived by HSAE) showing  that a competitive, fair and transparent Request for Quotations process was used  and followed, where at least three vendors were considered and details supporting  the reasoning as to why the selected vendor is ultimately recommended; 

  • Oversee and manage all approved vendor relationships and ensure vendor deliverables are delivered on-time, and maintain a vendor list as vendors are confirmed; 

  • Manage submission of all invoices to ensure payments can be made in a timely manner 

  • Meet and act as primary point of contact for related vendors, including but not limited to the following: 

o Food & beverage 

o Production, to include the following: 

  • Audio and Visual; 

  • Décor; 

o Branding and design, to include the following: ​

  • Liaise with any security details as needed 

  • Provide HSAE with regular updates of HSAE Signature events progress on  timeline; 

  • Draft, manage, and distribute a complete production schedule for the entire  HSAE Signature events, including load in, setup, and take down, to all parties,  including but not limited to the client, vendors, and venue; 

  • Collaborate with HSAE to develop a script outline, gather remarks if needed 

  • Develop a deployment schedule for execution of day of HSAE Signature events and days leading up to HSAE Signature events; and 

  • Participate in on going meetings (or conference calls through any electronic means) or any additional meetings and/or calls as needed, or reasonably requested by HSAE; 

  • Submit a post-event evaluation report with recommendations to HSAE;

  • Prepare final expense report for budget reconciliation to include in-kind donations, discounts, and actual costs; 

  • Provide participant, vendor, and sponsor evaluations and thank you letters; and 

  • Other duties as assigned. 


  • Provide general administration, management, day-of execution and manage on-site HSAE Signature events registration; if applicable 

  • Create weekly reports for follow-ups and identify who should receive the reports; 

  • Arrange and manage vendors and performers; 

  • Ensure all required insurance certificates are obtained; 

  • Ensure all required permit applications, if any, are submitted; 

  • Recruit, train, and supervise all staff and volunteers at HSAE Signature events; 

  • Oversee the design, sound, lighting and construction of a set that is appropriate for the venue and the needs of HSAE Signature events; 


  • Work with HSAE staff to ensure sponsorship packages are fulfilled appropriately at HSAE Signature events 

  • Assist with sponsorship strategy; and 

  • Assist with sponsor fulfillment benefits. 


  • Provide a Front of House Manager to oversee On-Site Management, as detailed herein; 

  • Oversee the registration and ticket distribution process; if applicable

  • Oversee setup and of equipment, rentals, AV, signage, sponsors space, vendors,  performers, registration, prizes or giveaways, and any other related line items;

  • Manage volunteers and staff for HSAE Signature events; 

  • If necessary and approved by HSAE, recruit, train and supervise paid staff for positions not filled by volunteers; 

  • Execute the overall direction on HSAE Signature events logistics;


This RFP does not constitute a contract., the selected Event Planner will perform the duties requested as an independent  contractor and not as an employee of HSAE.  

Once a contract is signed, the Event Planner agrees that it will not accrue additional  expenses and remain on budget. The selected Event Planner does not have the authority to incur  expenses on HSAE’s behalf without HSAE’s prior written approval. 


A. FORMAT. Proposals must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on February7,  2023 via email to in a single  electronic PDF attachment. PowerPoints are acceptable with the format restrictions. 

B. GUIDELINES. The proposal shall include the following sections: 

  1. Executive Summary. One-page summary of the Event Planner’s background, past experiences similar to the Services expected for HSAE Signature  events, and basic understanding of the Services required, and reasons why  the Event Planner should be selected. 

  2. Company Overview. Overview of the Event Planner’s business organization structure, including the following: 

    1. List of each jurisdiction where the Event Planner has been incorporated and is qualified to do business; 

    2. Total full-time and part-time employees of the Event Planner; 

    3. Whether the Event Planner has been involved in any disputes with former or current employees and/or vendors (if the matter is settled and is confidential, please provide a general description of the basis of the dispute); 

    4. Whether the Event Planner has been involved in a dispute with one of its clients regarding event planning services (if the matter is settled and is confidential, please provide a general description of the basis of the dispute); 

    5. Total number of substantially similar events during the past three years; and 

    6. Whether the Event Planner has experienced any significant organizational developments (e.g. merger, reduction, acquisition, etc.) during the past three years. 

  3. Event Planning Team. Name and short biography of each individual who will be involved with HSAE Signature events and their role before, during and after  HSAE Signature events. 

  4. Fees. Provide (1) proposed project based fixed fee, including description of all costs and fees the Event Planner propose to charge HSAE, and (2) hourly rates of the event member planning team. 

  5. References. List of at least three (3) events in small towns, substantially similar to HSAE Signature events, including (1) description of the event  (including size of the event, format of the event, type of guests hosted, stage  settings built, etc.), and 

  6. (2) references for each whom the Event Planner has performed similar event planning services (Names, Address, Email, and Contact Number). 

  7. Samples. Sample of previous work related to the Services (e.g. conference final report, event production timeline with pre/during/post deliverables, promotional material, event budgets which includes all anticipated cots and  fees, project plans, photos, etc.). 

  8. Other Information. Any additional information that Event Planner believes will be relevant to the RFP and the Event Planner’s capability to provide the Services. 


HSAE reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals, without prior discussions, and  grant final acceptance to the proposal that best meets the needs and interests of HSAE, in its sole  discretion. HSAE will be the sole judge of whether a proposal meets the required RFP criteria.  


Any information disclosed by HSAE herein (and any related correspondence and/or attachments)  is considered confidential and constitutes the proprietary information of HSAE. All submission  will become the property of HSAE and will be treated as confidential between HSAE and the  Event Planner. HSAE will use its commercially reasonable efforts not to disclose the contents of  the Event Planner’s proposal to other participants or the public. HSAE reserves the rights to  discuss the submissions with its consultants, references provided by the Event Planner, and other  related parties during the evaluations process.  


By submitting a proposal, the Event Planner acknowledges that it has read this RFP, understands  it, and agrees to be bound by its requirements.  

Event Planner understands and agrees that they are solely responsible for its own business  expenses, except for pre-approved, reasonable business expenses related to the HSAE Signature  events, such as travel accommodations.  

Event Planner agrees to keep their fixed fee and other terms of their engagement open for at least  sixty (60) days past the submission deadline.  

Once the Event Planner is selected, HSAE and the selected Event Planner must execute an contract prior to the selected Event Planner commencing services. The Event Planner agrees that the  contract will be a complete and exclusive agreement and will supersede all prior communications  between the parties.  

Should HSAE and the selected Event Planner be unable to agree on the terms of a contract within  a reasonable time (at HSAE’s sole discretion), HSAE reserves the right to suspend or terminate  negotiations without notice, and to pursue negotiations with another Event Planner. Any suspension or termination of negotiations shall be without liability to HSAE or the selected  Event Planner(s).  

HSAE may terminate this process (in its sole discretion) and issue a new RFP for the requested  services. 

Each Event Planner shall assume all fees and costs (including but not limited to legal fees)  incurred in responding to this RFP and negotiating the contract with HSAE shall bear no liability  for any costs, fees, or liability incurred in connection with this RFP or any responses thereto.  

Event Planner agrees that it shall not directly contact any HSAE Board Members or those who  may otherwise have an affiliation with HSAE, in connection with responding to this RFP. Event  Planners who do not abide by this requirement may be disqualified from the RFP process. 


Questions about this RFP should be directed to Nikki Neboshynsky, Chair of Historic Stevensville Arts & Entertainment district bu email ONLY: Phone calls will not be accepted.  All questions and HSAE answers will be made available to all potential Event Planners, upon  written request. 

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